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Korean TOPIK Exam 22nd Edition

I’m back! ^^ I have braved the storm and it’s time to lead a normal life again. Heh..

My point of view: The exam was hard. Period.

There were around 10 candidates taking the exam with me in UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) for intermediate level and all were ladies. Exam started from 9.00am for reading and writing section, break for half an hour between 10.30am to 11.00am and then continued with listening and comprehension for another an hour and a half.

Now, let’s just wait for the result after 2 months shall we?

0 thoughts on “Korean TOPIK Exam 22nd Edition

  1. Hi Najid,
    I'm not good at all but I try to understand as much as possible during conversation.
    I don't learn at any institution before but will be starting this Thursday at Sogang University

  2. Hi Najid,
    TOPIK is just to know your proficiency in Korean through reading/grammar/vocabulary

    there is no speaking test, so your fluency is not tested. T_T
    Hence the reason I took Korean Language program in Sogang.

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