Free T-Money Card for Malaysian

I am sooooooooo green with envy!! How can KTO offer free T-Money card only for Malaysians going to Korea on July-September 2011?!! Should I appeal for an extension till year end? hehe

To those lucky Malaysians, DO NOT miss this chance. I would love to grab one for myself. 🙁

For more details, check out

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  1. I see. hehe thanks kak! btw, they give free t-money card, but we still have to top up the card right, kak? so, does this mean that the promo t-card ada special promotion tapi if we buy the card in korea, we wont be getting the special promotion?

  2. hai kak,

    sy pg akhir bulan 9..sempat agi neh..yayyy…lucky me.

    t-money mmg berbaloi..its recommended.


  3. hi Zarina, thank you so much for ur info. I didnt know bout the free TMoney. Thank god i managed to grab three of them before my flight this coming Wednesday. Thank you so much for the info. I really want big discount for JUMP coz the ticket kinda damn expensive. Thanks again girl….<> <>

  4. my dear sisss!!! thanx for the info.i've just read it today.luckily, i'm staying at setapak so tomorrow i'll catch the ticket. but i'm very afraid if the ticket sold out..wish for me..thanx again, sis!!!

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