Min Young in Malaysia

Min Young and her mother finally made it to Malaysia!!
They came for about a week in mid July and I was elated as we have not met for more than a year. 아주 반갑다!

They stayed with me at Putrajaya for a few days and we went to many places mainly around Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur. The weather was sweltering hot for the past 2 weeks and I felt extremely sorry for them cause my house is not furnished with air-conditioner.

The moment she arrived at my house, our conversation went like this:

MY: I want to have hot shower
ZJ: Sorry, I don’t have water heater in the house ^^;
MY: What?!!  $%$%^%^& (hehe)
ZJ: You will know why..later.

a few hours went by..mother and Min Young can’t stop wondering why Malaysia is very warm and humid..
MY: now I know why you don’t need hot shower in this house..hahaha
ZJ: and now you know..ㅋㅋㅋ

I brought them to Putrajaya for a tour and met these ecstatic students!!
They thought that I guided Chinese tourist but mother quickly denied it.
“We are Korean!”
In front of the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s office. The sky was cloudy.
I told them it might be due to the fireworks display for the Flower Festival.
Little did I know that it was caused by the fire from Sumatra, Indonesia.
Inside Putrajaya Mosque. They looked like hobbit and Min Young
said “I’m not short!” hahah..
Mother and Min Young wondered how betel nut taste like.
Took one home for a test..alas dried and forgotten
Took a boat trip..row row row your boat..lalala
It was my first time too!!
We checked out the Flower Festival at night.
Had Satay for dinner which they arguably mentioned it was best
accompanied with beer.

In Pasar Borong Selangor to shop for fruits. Lucky guy ain’t he? ^^
At KLCC Park, “I wish we could swim like the kids behind us!”
Petronas Twin Tower.
Tower 2 was built by Samsung and Kukdong.
You can imagine how Samsung has greatly influenced our economy, aye?
If you visit Korea, you could see how diversified Samsung is cause 
they even have cosmetics produced under their label.
In the middle of the street @ Sultan Abdul Samad Building.
Shopping for souvenirs @ Central Market.
Meeting Rina and Edy at Secret Recipe @ Megan Avenue beside
Menara Ambank. Min Young was the couple’s tourist guide in Korea.
Very generous and friendly couple. Am glad to have the opportunity
to meet them personally.
Pictured with Hang Tuah; the legend at National Museum of Malaysia.

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  1. Hello, first of all thank you so much for the posts, you have helped me alot for all the info you provide in the blog 🙂 so sorry for randomly posting here cos I couldn't find the necc post to ask you. Do you happen to know if there is any suitcase storage at Seoul train station? I plan to sleep at sauna house for a night and wonder if there is one apart from those v small lockers… Thanks so much, Livia :))

  2. Hi Livia,
    I'm not too sure if Seoul Station has a big enough space/locker for luggage.

    On the other hand, you could actually leave the luggage at the sauna house/jjimjilbang because they do have the room to leave your bag. I had done that before at jjimjilbang.

  3. Salam Zalina n salam Ramadhan,

    TQ for ur blog. Dpt byk info..

    I ade smthing nak tny, since ade plan nak ke korea next year. but bln brp tu x sure lg.

    U xde ape2 info psal Jeju Island ke? about hotel, food or anything?

    Please advise. Much appreciate. TQ. 🙂

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