0 thoughts on “Halal Shin Ramen in Korea

  1. Salam Nurinsyafigah,
    I have not seen a certified Halal ddeokbokki ingredients in Malaysia yet. If you have the picture of the packaging, you may email it at me and I will check out if there are any non-halal ingredients

  2. kak zarina how about shin ramyun shrimp flavor? is it halal? saya terbeli tp cek takda logo halal. but since it's shrimp is it halal?

  3. Maisarah,
    Basically I don't eat ramen at all here because they contain pork bone in the soup. Even the seafood one, some contain pork bone.

    But there is one brand..

    농심 채식주의 순. –in green wrapping..has no meat inside as the KMF – Korean Muslim Federation has requested the company to make a ramen for vegetarian

  4. Hi! I live in Sg. By any chance are the Shin Ramen packets imported here halal too? In other words, are they the same ones as you've highlighted here? Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    I have no idea if the one in SG is halal. You might want to contact the distributor company of the source.

    I have never tried Shin Ramen in Malaysia except the seafood noodle but after my Korean friends told me that all Ramen in Korea contain pork bone traces (except for vegan ramen); I totally avoid eating ramen. ^^

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