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Independent Tourist Guides in South Korea


Anyone has the drive to guide budget trips in South Korea, you may be:

  • Korean or non-Korean
  • Muslims or non-Muslims
  • Age or sex or race or skin color does not matter

Send me an email @ zemoneko [at] gmail [dot] com and I will publish it under the tab page ‘Tourist Guide

P.s Just a side note, don’t spam me email or you will be spammed. Kidding!! ^^

0 thoughts on “Independent Tourist Guides in South Korea

  1. Akak nak tanya.

    Fees utk wwoofing tu dah berbeza ke? before ni akk byr dlm 30,000++ kan…

    Yg sy tgk dkt site tu 50,000+30,000+15,000

    Lg satu, pd akak lg worth it pegi autumn ke spring (time cherry blossom)?

    Last soalan, boleh ke kalau tido dkt masjid itaewon 2-3hari?


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