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Salam and hello, 

I just came back from Seoul last week (7 Nov). It was my second trip and this time around I and my friend; Nadia stayed at Golden Pond Guesthouse near Hyewa Subway Station (previously it was Happy guesthouse near Beotigeoge Station).  We stayed for 4 nights from 31st october to 4th november and I booked without the actual testimonials from anyone I know. Just by reviews I got from the internet and there we were one fine morning. Reached quite early (flight arrived in Seoul at 6.30am) so we decided to just try our luck if we can get any room (of course no such thing :))). 

From Incheon Airport it’s really easy to reach the place by bus (like we did). Just purchase the ticket from the bus counter, ask for Sungkyungkwan University and the price is 10,000 won. Go out through door no.5 and wait for bus number 6011 which is just 10 seconds walking distance from the entrance/exit door. I have no idea on the exact location so just ask the taxi driver ahjusshi to call for us once the bus reach Sungkyungkwan University bus stop. The ahjusshi did remind us when it reached Sungkyungkwan University. Actually there’s a public announcer in the bus that speaks clearly (usually I don’t really understand their standard English).

 From the bus stop, you have to turn back and walk ahead about 1 minute until you see a Family Mart on your left and also Dunkin Donut on the opposite site. From here make sure that you take the small alley exactly next to the Family Mart and walk straight until you reach the end (only 20 seconds) and turn right where you will see a small parking area on your right hand side. Walk about 20 steps and turn left there you can see the Golden Pond Guesthouse already. So it actually takes about 1 minute from the Family Mart to the Golden Pond Guesthouse. 

To go to Hyewa Subway Station, it takes about 5 minutes – 7 minutes of walking depending on your interest of the shop lots nearby.Since it is students area, they offer many types of stores with latest shoes, designer outfits, restaurants, skin care shops and many more all at affordable prices. I went crazy for a while (LOL) but hey this is what I want when I look for a place to stay.  The place is hype and a bit noisy at night but no worries since the guesthouse is located in a calm area so you won’t hear any bit of noise. 

We booked a twin room at the rate of 22,000w per night and our room is located at the second house just next to the first house, and the room is quite small with low ceiling and space only enough to sit together with my roommate. It was clean and comfy. However they didn’t provide us a cupboard so we requested for a hanger instead.  The staffs are friendly, they speak good english and the owner herself (Ms. Mi Jung) would sometimes sit at the living area  and chit chat with us. The living area with tv and sofa and kitchen is located in the first house, but we don’t really cook and we do not have time to watch tv so we are glad that our room is in the second house  which is quieter and calmer. We have never bumped into any other guests during our stay so we never fight for the bathroom either.  There are separate bathrooms for male and female so no worries of the bathroom usage. I totally forgot to snap pictures of our room and inside the guesthouse, thousand apologies for that. 

As many of us know, Seoul is famous for its hill roads and stairways, but to go to this guesthouse I saw and experienced NONE. The area is safe and I really suggest it for family with small kids and for those who can’t stand walking through hills and stairways. All I can say, apart from the small room with not many facilities (inside the room), I and my friend really enjoy our stay there and if we come again next year, we will surely book the same place. If I have to rate the place, i’ll give it 4.5 stars. For other information on their facilities, you may just check their website

You will get good experience during your stay there. Great value for your money.

Thank you 
Ezlin OB

Thanks to Ezlin who has done such a wonderful job in reviewing Golden Pond Guesthouse especially for the readers out there. 에즐린 씨, 정말 고맙습니다.

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  1. salam,

    sorry for bothering.need to ask few questions. we'll be leaving to seoul this january and plan to go skiing in yongpyong. we tried to book yongpyong resort youth hostel,but it's fully we decided to stay outside yongpyong resort, but we cant find any budget hotel on the net,so do u know any budget hotel/motel outside yongpyong resort? and tips will be much appreciated. 🙂

    thanks in advance!

  2. igt kak zarina yg dok sini…saya pun plan dok area hyehwa gak nanti…windroad GH canne suhu skang kak. ok ke…perlu ke baju tebal2 awl bulan 12 nanti

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    there are a lot of pensione/guesthouse outside yongpyong ski resort and you could even rent the ski/snowboarding equipment there. Normally they charge a big room where you can squeezed 5-7 persons for 50,000 won/night.

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    there are a lot of pensione/guesthouse outside yongpyong ski resort and you could even rent the ski/snowboarding equipment there. Normally they charge a big room where you can squeezed 5-7 persons for 50,000 won/night.

  5. salam.. sis, saya buka website goldenpond house nie tulis 22,000 per person bilik twin.. harga nie untuk 2 orang ke seorang?

  6. Salam… Sy juga pnah tggal GH nie febuari lepas… Sgt terbaik dan akan tggal kat sni lg febuari 2012… Harga 2 bleh dpt discount lg.. Mudah semuanya memasak n lain2…

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