How to Buy Winter Boots in Korea

Recently as winter is becoming harsher as days go by in Seoul I was worried about the condition of my health particularly my feet. My feet stands at 265cm, so it is kinda hard to shop around for winter boots as on average the shoes size sold are normally up to 250cm. It took me quite a while before settling for one average looking winter boots which fits my size but not my preference T_T.

Min Young did help me to find winter shoes on the internet via Naver but I rejected the idea as I’m too lazy to return the winter boots if the size doesn’t fit or I don’t get it as on screen. Things like that do happen while you do internet shopping and it gets on my nerve sometimes. But, if you still insist to buy online and your situation is as typical as mine ^^ by all means run this keyword “큰 부츠” it means big size boots.

The links inside the red box sell big size winter boots.

I bought this black winter boots unintentionally while checking on Pizza Plus Halal restaurant in Dongdaemun area. Actually I have been to this area a few times before back in 2009 and 2010 but I didn’t realize it until I saw stacks of shoes sold beside the road! Ahaa..and now I must buy the shoes!

Walk out from exit 5 of Dongdaemun station, Line 1.
Walk straight and you will see Pizza Plus Halal restaurant 
on your left and just walk ahead and you will walk along
many shops selling cheap winter clothes like thermal clothes/ 
long john – 10,000 won (a set), winter gloves as low 
as 1,000 won and winter socks as low as 500 won!!
At the end of the road, turn left and you won’t miss sellers
selling shoes in bulk!
So many shoes and they are cheap too!!
The winter boots are sold from 10,000 won. If your shoe size is 
250cm and below it’s pretty easy to find winter boots here.
Actually not only in Dongdaemun, you can find winter boots sold 
practically everywhere during winter.
My 35,000 won dull looking winter boots. T_T I wore it this morning to
school and it was really warm. It has done the job well but my feet
sweated in the warm rapid train on the way back home. Not only that, my
butt got burnt up by the seat in the subway too. Hahaha..

0 thoughts on “How to Buy Winter Boots in Korea

  1. akak, lagi satu yg rice cake dia.

    ini linknya

    yg ini brand yg ada jual dkt jaya jusco la. saya dah translate ingredients dia. nak tanya akak betul tak…

    꼬마 쌀 떡복이

    쌀 – rice
    수입산 – imported
    소맥존본 – wheat starch
    밀 – wheat
    정제염 – fine salt
    주정 – alcohol

    betul ke 주정 tu alcohol,akak?

    patutla dkt packaging dia tampal contains alcohol.

    akak, sorry terbyk pulak komen


  2. err… ok td tulis comment sebab tak baca lg post akak ni.

    tengah baca part 265cm tu dan dan terus pi belek winter boot yg beli dkt myeongdong hari tu. saiz saya agaknya paling last kut, 250cm. hehe..

    entah bila nak dpt pakai winter boot ni -_____-

    take care akak ^_^


  3. salam kak,

    suke baca akak nye blog pasal korea bnyk info. sy pun akn ke korea feb 2012. so nk tny, sume boot winter yg jual tu mcmmn kite nak tau boot tu guna skin ape?

    kalau 23 feb tu still winter lagi ke?


  4. Salam lalala,
    boot winter buat dari skin apa kena tanya pada owner kedai tu. macam akak punyer dari kulit lembu.

    23hb feb masih winter unless mother nature kata spring datang awal. sori wise memang kite x leh predict dear..^^

  5. Hi, I'm heading to Seoul this winter and would like to buy boots there.
    I wear size 41/42 (depending on the cutting) shoes.
    Is there any shops that you can recommend that sells large size boots?
    Thank you!

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