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Heart to Heart Talk

Now is 8.53pm.

I just finished discussing my unwillingness to continue Korean Language Program with Sogang University for the next spring semester..

with Min Young’s mother.

You must be wondering how did I converse with her? Mind you, she speaks no English whatsoever except for ‘Okay buddy’, ‘Thank you’.

I was like this..the whole time. Swallowing every little bit of my remaining pride and just be humble. Her speech was as fast as KTX bullet train.

Her advice: I need to continue because it’s the only way to progress and the only way to know how much I will leap forward. I shouldn’t have doubt Sogang University’s credibility of producing quality students especially in speaking Korean fluently in such a short time. I should have strive harder in memorizing more new words and using them with the family instead of wallowing on my classmates’ ability. Most importantly, I shouldn’t be so stucked up of my ability. The way she sees my proficiency now is like a 3-4 year old Korean child. I couldn’t make long sentences and stumbled a lot. I am fortunate as I’m staying with Korean family and is the reason why I could comprehend a lot faster than my classmates. Other than that I’m still slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww in all aspect.
I have another 3 weeks before the final pay date for next semester’s fee.
My dream of being fluent in Korean…should not stop NOW. Not ever.

14 thoughts on “Heart to Heart Talk

  1. hi currently taking korean class in subang. found out the text book is from Sogang University ^-^
    enjoy ur blog so much.can't wait for more update.

  2. Salam Akak,

    Modus operandi Sogang tak sesuai dgn akak ke? Kenapa akak tak nak sambung dekat situ? Cuba try dekat universiti lain pula.

    Err…if your proficiency level now is like a 3-4 year old Korean child, mine must be worst. I have problem with learning new vocabs. Hafal-hafal tp tak ingat juga.Haish!~~

    Fighting akak!~~


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