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Mid Term Exam in Sogang University

Just went through mid term Korean language exam for Sogang University this morning for speaking, reading and listening and I am glad that I could nail most of of the questions. Alhamdulillah. I’m not boasting about my ability if you think I am. Will tell in details why I said that in a minute. Tomorrow will be the writing exam which I hate the most and next week will be the interview exam which is the hardest and the most important one. As told by my classmates, mid term exam constitutes 40% of the marks from the course.

Back to the reason why I thought that Level 2 of Sogang University’s is easy? Because I have sat for TOPIK beginner and intermediate exam before in 2009 and 2010 respectively and from my perspective Sogang University’s Level 2 is harder than TOPIK beginner but easier than TOPIK intermediate. But why am I assigned to level 2 not level 3 or 4? Because my Korean is not fluent and I admit it. ^^ The grammar and vocabulary for level 2 seems like a revision for me and hopefully I could move to level 3 faster where I could explain my ideas and opinion better with longer sentences which means I need the immersion.

With regards to writing class, honestly I failed to catch with the never ending homework but I make it a point to use as much of level 2 grammars in my sentences. That way I could improve my writing. Writing class also made me think of giving up the whole course sometimes but because I have paid this course with my own hard earned money, I don’t think I want to fail myself even before trying my hardest, right? ^^

If I manage to step up to level 3, I’m thinking of taking night class next semester where the class is not frequent; only 3 times per week, cheaper, more time for me to concentrate on building more vocabulary and more time for me to travel and update the blog. ^^ Some might say that I might delay my goal to be fluent but I’m trying to take some time off to practise the language with natives rather than repeating mindless conversational passages in class. Hmmm..or I might just drop the writing class and attend the 15 hours regular class instead.

Back to study yo! ^^

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  1. Zarina. I have tried to apply evening class in Sogang! Turned out C-3 and D-4 visa holders are not allowed for this course. 🙁 And it takes 2 semesters to complete 1 level. I think the evening course is meant for foreigners who work in Korea.

  2. Feia,

    Yup, I have checked out with my friends who had attended night class. They told me that Sogang University needs working visa.

    If you want to learn Korea, it's not necessarily be universities. There's so many private institution like YBM.

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