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By end of 2011, I met a Malaysian friend who’s currently working in one of the ubiquitous guesthouses in Hongdae area. 

Have you ever heard of Pencil Guesthouse? It is situated closely to the infamous Kimchi Guesthouse. My friend is Zuruel or you may call him _ _ _ _ (his other Korean nickname ^^ which he hates!).

The guesthouse that Zuruel works in is the newest addition to Pencil Guesthouse strings. Pencil Guesthouse 2. Say why am I now promoting guesthouse in Hongdae instead of Myeongdong?

I admit that I raved about Myeongdong too much in the past (too excessively maybe) but Hongdae area is not that bad either. Hongdae; as the second syllable means ‘university’ in Korean is closely situated to Sinchon where you find three famous universities. Yonsei University, Hongik University and Sogang University (where I’m learning Korean now ^^). 

Wait……….is Sogang University that famous? Perhaps only for Korean Language Center.
Back to Pencil Guesthouse 2 shall we?

According to Zuruel; Pencil Guesthouse 2 has been opened for almost a year now and as I’d seen the place myself, the facilities are spanking new!! One point that attracted me the most is the POP art splashes right before the entrance. Neat, right?

Location wise — might be intimidating if you are a first-timer in Seoul but rest assured that no hiking needed. No hill whatsoever. Flat surface. Pheww..but subway is no joke, very convenient but very hard to locate the elevator. Please come with Incheon Airport Limousine bus instead of subway if you bring a huge luggage. You will thank me for this later! ^^

Facilities wise — private kitchen ( I love this!), private bathroom, FREE laundry as each room is equipped with a washing machine but no free breakfast :(. Pencil Guesthouse 2 is an hostel type and there is no elevator to the top. The building is about 4 levels and just ask some help from the friendly staffs to bring your heavy luggage up. Bicycles are FREE on first come first serve basis.

Room rate wise – not the cheapest around but you get what you pay for.

Things to do – mostly shopping, university tour and younger tourists love the clubs here.

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0 thoughts on “Pencil Guesthouse Review

  1. Hi, I am seriously in debt to you right now. I am currently planning my trip to Korea with a friend. Personally, neither of us really speaks Korean, well, unless if you count simple "Hellos" and "No"… I am looking for budget travel, but I have no idea how to begin. I've been trying to follow some of your ideas, but honestly, I am at lost. I was wondering if there anything I should know other than Korean before I get there… By the way, I gotta say, I am envious that you get to study in Korea, I want to do that too LOL… Awesome blog, definitely going to support you 🙂

  2. Sakam Kak Zarina,

    Saya ada email kak zarina untuk tanya pasal trip to Korea..saya dah email students malaysia dalam senarai korean guide Kak Zarina, tapi belum ada yang reply..hope sangat dapat reply email dari kak zarina..thanks very much 🙂

  3. I just came back from a 6-day Korea trip and stayed at Pencil Hostel for 2 days. The facilities still new and I don't ask much cause I'm only in the room in the evening.

    Thank you Zarina…your blog really helps me a lot. Eventhough I know bits and pieces of korean words, it is easy to survive cause every one is helpful.

    I'm planning to go again cause the 6 days I'm there still not enough….

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