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Cheap Korean Bag 10,000 won

Whenever I brought tourists around Seoul, one of the items that they would like to buy is cheap but Grade A or high quality imitation brand-named bag. They claimed that Korea produces the best imitation bag and it’s cheaper compared to Malaysia.

Hmm..honestly, I’m not into brand names and luxurious stuff. I go with what I am most comfortable with hence I will put fashion stylists to shame if I stand beside them. A total plain Jane I am.

I would say Itaewon; also coined as the expat’s melting pot displays so many options of cheap imitation bag. Provided that you are the best in haggling the price. No problem, they understand English! ^^

However, if you just want to get a cheap to-go bag for 10,000 won, there are many around.

  • Myeongdong – the alley right in front of SPAO
  • Insadong – just walk about 10 meters after exit 6 from Anguk Station
  • Ewha University – so many shops selling 10,000 won bags and I found more varieties and better designs here.

WARNING: For Muslims, some of the 10,000won bags sold has pig skin lining or the inner part is from pig skin. Check carefully. Even the cheap shoes sold by the roadside has pig skin lining and SKONO brand for example has pig skin sole. 

This bag was purchased by a friend at Ewha University and it has pig skin lining.

In order to know better about the Fiqah in Islam about this issue, check out the videos below.

How pig skin appears to be? Check here and here.

As you can see from the videos above, there are a lot of ‘khilaf’ or different opinions even between major Mazhab in Islam. In the end, it is unto you to find the knowledge, think, have faith and trust in Allah after you have decided to choose which one is the best for you.

IMO, as for myself, it is better to avoid it as there are many other options available.

Check before you purchase or check now if you have purchased them. There’s no excuse as you have been told! ^^

0 thoughts on “Cheap Korean Bag 10,000 won

  1. Hi Zarina,

    Can you like provide a simple phrase/sentence in korean to ask the shopkeeper what the bag is made of? And what answer we should expect if they said it's pig lining?


  2. Baju ok tak kalau shopping kat sana Zarina..suggest sket syurga sopping baju..hihi..sebab kat sini pun kalau online banyak amik dari sana..

  3. Hello, i'm Tiffani from Indonesia. I wiil join KLEC sogang University For Fall term. Can you tell me your email? Because many question i want to ask you. I really am looking forward for the help.

  4. hi zarina..nk tnyer ckit..saye akn pegi korea next year..just nk tnyer about tranportation..kalo kite nk drve sndiri kt seoul bole tak..sbb i pegi dgn family 8 org dewasa dan kanak2..kalo nk naik subway or bus mcm tk bole je..u ade suggestion tak?

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