Ramadhan 1433 in Korea

To all my Muslims friends,

InsyaAllah we will start fasting from this Saturday, July 21st 2012 in South Korea.

Hopefully our ibadah will be accepted by Allah. Insha Allah.

Looking forward for total cleansing of the soul, mind and body in this blessed Ramadhan 1433!

Subuh prayer will starts at about 3.36am and breaking fast will be at about 7.50pm.

Fighting everyone!!

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  1. Ramadan Kareem. Slmt berpuasa to you too. Fasting timing here almost the same. Starts at 3.27 and Iftar at 6.28. … AM

  2. Zarina,

    Selamat berpuasa.

    Sis, could u check ur email. I shall need ur assistance for my trip there in September 2012. Pls reply ok.

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