Typhoon Bolaven in South Korea

I’m back, safe and sound in Korea! Alhamdulillah…but I want to spend Eidulfitri more..Aishh..^^

Last night, after I checked in my luggage, AirAsia officer told me to enter the gate immediately.When asked why and she said, there would be a typhoon hitting South Korea soon. O-O

I was definitely alarmed by this tiny info.

The time was 10.40pm and my flight was on 1.00am the next day. What kinda typhoon? I knew that a typhoon hit Taiwan recently and I started imagining all sorts of crazy thoughts.

I told my brother that a typhoon will hit Korea and he was worried whether I would be able to arrive safely. True to my hunch, by the time the flight landed at Incheon airport, we failed the first landing!! The wind was just so harsh.

The arrival time was supposed to be at 8.20am but we landed at 9.20am because of the wind brewing from the typhoon forced the plane to circle the sky one more time.

Funny..the pilot told us ” Don’t worry..we have enough fuel to land the second time!” Yikes!!

I could see while the plane was circling just above Incheon airport that the sea was pretty choppy and the airport ramp officers on land had to embrace themselves from being blown away. Pity them..

Once we reached the immigration, I was calculating the idea, either to ride the Airport limousine bus or AREX. After checking out the SBS Typhoon Bolaven coverage from the Samsung panel in front of 7-Eleven, I decided..AREX.

The screen TV inside AREX displayed many warnings for the typhoon and schools are forced to close down  for the day to prevent any casualties.

When I arrived in Sinchon around 12 noon, not many people seen outside or even inside the subway. I had no umbrella with me and just roughed the wind and the heavy rain for about 100 metres from U-Plex to my home.

And now.. I feel so groggy cause I hardly slept in the flight.

Good night everyone. I have to call an early night. ZzzZzz…

More info on Typhoon Bolaven hitting South Korea Peninsula here.

0 thoughts on “Typhoon Bolaven in South Korea

  1. Salam Zarina. My name Shafizan and we were in the same plane yesterday. I mcm tergerak nk tegur u coz I follow your blog. If u notice,me and my wife ada duduk depan u ruang menunggu kt boarding LCCT tu. Salam perkenalan.

  2. W'salam Shafizan,

    Rasanya perasan kot..your wife pakai tudung kan?

    Nape tak tegur aje?? Alahai..hehe. Muke saya mmg nampak intimidating sket, tapi jgn takut..tegur aje k!

    Have fun in Korea!

  3. Belated Salam Eidul Fitri.. Glad that you are safe & sound. Me too, wish could extend my Eid vacation. Just arrived yesterday and back to work. Weather here improving, approaching to winter. All the best to ur studies.. AM@DJY

  4. I was supposed to be on the same flight but I had to change my flight due to an unexpected emergency. It must be a very scary experience, right? Glad the flight made it allright. Alhamdulillah.

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