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Part Time Job Offer in South Korea

Hi Everyone,

As you know that I would most…………. probably stay until end of November 2012, I am actually looking for those who are interested to find extra money as:


You must be or have:

  • Muslim – I don’t want to be bias to other faith as many of the tourists are Muslims, so if you’re not a Muslim, it would be hard for you to cater to their needs OR the tourists don’t have their faith in you. (am gonna be honest here ^^)
  • In South Korea – very very important
  • Speak and understand Korean Language and English – not necessarily fluent but conversation level will do
  • Service mindset ^^ – This is really really important as I want YOU to have fun at work cause if you feel forced to earn or make a living, you won’t feel like living at all and not enjoying what you do.
  • Honest – As I can’t enforce this value in a person, it’s something that you instill in yourself.
  • Have vast knowledge or keen to expand your knowledge about South Korea. 
This somehow feel like a hard core interview..hahah..reminds me of when I was looking for a job back then.
If you’re interested, send me an email at zemoneko at gmail dot com and we will discuss the terms and conditions further.

0 thoughts on “Part Time Job Offer in South Korea

  1. Assalamualaikum kak zarina.. saya salina.. kita jumpa kat kto ngan namiseom haritu.. hehe giler nerveous jumpa akak.. cam jumpa artis2.. haha..
    actually sy g korea haritu bawak kwan2.. 18hari dgn 2group of friends.. anyway, sy jumpa kedai jual dosirak haritu… Ada dia pndah kat tp bgunan tu..;))

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