Where To Buy Korean Silk?

Recently, it was my first time looking out for silk at Gwangjang or Kwanjang Market which is located near Jongno-5-ga station, Line 1.

If not for accompanying Afri and her family; I think there won’t be an occasion of me buying cloth over that market. Me and piece of silk doesn’t go well with each other..hehe.

Initially, we went out from Exit 8 as the signboard inside the subway led us to. However, after exploring the route again with Ayu; we found that Exit 11 is nearer to the silk shops at Gwanjang Market.

Side note: This post is not an advertisement for Hyun Woo Silk but I found that dealing with Mr Hyun Woo (not the one from TTMIK yeah? hehe) was a breeze. He speaks decent English so fret not.

You would definitely be given discount if you mention that you are Malaysian. Not to be bias..but if you come from Singapore or with currency rates higher than or at par with Korea, don’t ever mention your country. ^^

In our case, when I mentioned that I was from Malaysia the shop owner immediately discounted 5,000 won per metre from the price.

Mr Hyun Woo told us he has many regular customers from Malaysian Embassy; so now I know why and how the discounted price came from. For once I am glad being Malaysian..(not that I wasn’t glad before..ya know..toooottttttttttt hehehe.)

How to go to Hyun Woo Silk?

Once you go out from the Jongno-5-ga subway station, Line 1, Dark blue;  you would see that there are 1 to 8 exits but there is no exit 11 to be found from the subway’s signboard.

Don’t fret..just go towards the direction of the restroom aka toilet and walk straight until you find rows of underground shops selling Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes).

You will find exit 11. ^^

After that, walk straight about two metres and you will see the entrance of Kwanjang or Gwanjang Market on your left. Nonghyup (NH Bank is on your left).

Walk into the market and go straight until you see this signboard.

But don’t go up that stairs unless you want to make Hanbok.

Walk through this and you will see an orange signboard shop, turn right.

This is Hyun Woo Silk. They are closed every Sundays.

Mr Hyun Woo and his son with Afri and her mother.

More information about Gwangjang or Kwangjang Market at KNTO here.

9 thoughts on “Where To Buy Korean Silk?

  1. I bought some korean silk for baju Kurung in Dongdaemun ^^ Instructions on how to go there:
    1. Take subway to Dongdaemun station and exit gate 9
    2. Walk straight & keep looking to your left until you saw a building with letter 'D'
    3. Enter the building, then take the stairs
    4. Enter the left door, walk forward a little bit then turn left at your first lorong.
    5. Walk straight til the end of lorong. There's a silk shop where students normally go on your right.
    6. There's a sign 'Silk for Baju Kurung'. The ahjusshi is really nice and he can speak English.
    1m = 9,000won

  2. Hi There!
    I'll be visiting SK from 22-29th June next year
    Just wanna know abt the weather?
    Is it summer already or still in spring season?

  3. Sophie,

    the one at Gwangjang is about 82,000won for 4 meters.

    the one at Dongdaemun is about 9,000won per meter.

    but after going for both places, I could feel the quality of silk is very different!!

    the one in Gwangjang is definitely higher quality silk..u can see by the difference of price there ^^

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