Happy 2013 Everyone!!

Happy 2013 everyone!!

I reached South Korea yesterday at about 4.15pm (South Korea Time) and the temperature was around minus 5 as announced by the pilot.

There were blanket of snows everywhere!!

Pretty…but cold..but pretty..agagaga.

By the way, what’s your new year’s resolution?

I have no specific one but I hope

  • to live happily with whatever I already have – with me, within me, around me
  • to appreciate every blessings – my family, my friends, my environment, my health
  • be honest to my inner self
  • to give more and more – be it money, time, motivation, idea, help
  • to live a day at a time with full conscience

Insha Allah…and I hope that everyone will live in happiness

Have fun and be happy everyone!

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