SK Telecom Sim Card for GSM Smart phone

I had subscribed to SK Telecom Sim Card for GSM Smart phone for about 3 months now. It is a Prepaid Card.

What made me change my heart?

Back in the early days, to cut cost I used a FREE Korean phone that I purchased here with a 10,000won reload by LG Telecom plus 2,000won adaptor. The ugly part was I alway used less than the amount reloaded and every month the remaining balanced will be forfeited if I didn’t use them.

And I find texting was very tedious with the old flip phone as I have a GSM iPhone which I bought in Malaysia. Smart phone for smart people eh? Errr…

My iPhone is very convenient and looks cool in Korean society..heheh but I couldn’t use it cause I don’t want to incur roaming cost.

Plus, I couldn’t stare at my phone like how the rest of Korean do while riding the subway. Freaky…that is soooooo not my style. ^____^

Anyway, I was initially told by my Hongke friend that she subscribed to SK Telecom Sim Card for GSM Smart phone and she could get free SK Telecom WiFi signal at every available hotspot ie in the subway.

That perked me!!

Okay…but I still haven’t moved from my sit yet…as I just needed a second opinion. The skeptical in me.

After that, my housemate the Turkish, Ilayda had hers subscribed to SK Telecom Sim Card for GSM Smart phone too and hmmm…I thought I need to check that out too, definitely.

Ilayda told me to go here..The T-World is located just behind Daiso, near exit 1 of Sinchon Station, Line 2. If you walk out from exit 1, just walk a bit more until you see the small alley going to the right. Turn right and you can’t miss the T-World logo shop.

Make sure you are at 신촌 Sinchon Station, not 신천 Sincheon station. Both stations are on Line 2.

There was a guy who could speak passable English and I told him I wanted to purchase ‘Sim Card for GSM smarphone’.

Bring your passport along with 10,000won for the sim card and 10,000won for the reload. Don’t forget to bring your smart phone yeah? ^^

I told the officer to select a pretty number for me..hehe. Throwing in some aegyo there will do the job.


I guess you can just go to any T-World major store and inquire about this service.

What I did after the registration was…the skeptical in me, went straight inside the subway and connected to SK Secured WiFi and unsecured WiFi..both works incredibly fine.

Right until after I updated to iOS 6.0.1.

The hell break loose..I couldn’t connect to SK Secured WiFi or unsecured WiFi and sometimes the phone couldn’t even list the service. iPhone gone awry..but sometimes it works fine. All the best to you!!

My friend Feia, she suscribed to SK Telecom Sim Card for GSM Smart phone at Yongsan I’Park instead.

She bought used GSM Vega phone for 100,000won and subscribed to the service and the WiFi connection has been working fine so far. The Vega phone looks chic and I can’t tell the difference compared to iPhone.
Nahh…I still love my iPhone though…T_T r.i.p Steve Jobs.

If you want to do the same, go to Level 8 of Yongsan I’Park Mall; located at Yongsan Station, Line 1, dark blue line and choose your desired phone. Don’t worry, they speak fine English..almost all of them.

0 thoughts on “SK Telecom Sim Card for GSM Smart phone

  1. Salam…tumpang tanya…di Korea takde jual sim card sahaja ke? Mcm kat Malaysia sini melambak jual simpack… Ade tak jual sim pack prepaid utk iPad? Akan ke Seoul Mac nanti…tqvm -azam assafar

  2. Zarina,

    Is this a contact or prepaid? It'll be VERY nice if it was prepaid. Also, do you know if you have to keep going to the shop to get it reactivated? I know some of my friends have to do it for some reason with prepaid phones.


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