How to Send Parcel from Korea

This post was first loaded on 6th September 2013, updated on 1st March 2017.

It has been more than two months after I left ‘The land of the morning calm’ aka South Korea for good. Do I miss her? Strangely..not yet. The first thing on my mind before I left this country was how to send parcel from Korea to Malaysia.

Maybe because I’m heading towards a new direction, a new challenge hmmm…a new me. Surprise!! ^^

Well…lets just say that, I will keep blogging about Korea but not as frequent as before. Insha Allah.

Last few weeks, I received my parcel of 20 kg from South Korea. It took roughly 6 weeks to arrive home back in Malaysia although it was stated in the T&C, it could take the maximum of 8 weeks.

There was nothing much inside the box, really..accept books and loads of books and a few winter clothes with some sentimental values which I hang on to.

The officer asked me an alarming question though..”Please choose the options below if your parcel does not arrive within the stipulated time”

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Option 1 – Return to sender
Option 2 – Resend via air parcel
Option 3 – Just let the parcel lost its way..hmmm…

I chose option 3. I know..I can be frighteningly ‘cold’ sometimes. Let it go Zarina…just let it go. *sigh*

Anyway, thanks to my Korean friend’s generous help I managed to bring over the huge load to the post office. Staying on the 4th floor of a goshiwon (small monthly rented room like dormitory) with no lift will burn me some calories definitely. Read my experience living in goshiwon here.

Get the correct size of boxes to your destination country before buying the boxes. Ask the post office officer and ask them to check twice, based from my own experience. The price of the boxes also may differ from year to year.

Step by Step

  1. Determine your country’s zone here. Malaysia is Zone 1 for EMS and Air Parcel but Zone 2 for Surface Parcel. Again, ask the post office officer to double check which box size is applicable for the destination (country) that you desire. On my last postage done on 2015, Malaysia’s biggest box is number 5 as per picture above.
  2. Determine whether you want to send your parcel to your country via surface (ship) or air. For example to Malaysia; a 20 kg parcel via surface (ship) takes about 2 months for about 46,800 won OR via air is 88,600 won for about 10 days. Check for your rates here. There are two types of surface (ship) parcel – longer ( at least a month) or shorter (at least two weeks) .
  3. If you want to send via air, you may go to any parcel delivery center that is any EMS center near your location in Korea but surface shipment can only be done via KOREA post office which is the national post office company. Well, I sent mine through surface parcel (by ship)…by right it would take between 50~70 days to Malaysia. Check with the officer on the delivery standards for your parcel.
  4. Determine your parcel’s box size. You have to ensure that you receive the CORRECT box’s size by the post officer. An IMPORTANT reminder, you have to buy the box from the post office or EMS parcel center with the ‘CORRECT’ size of box according to your country’s limit. Otherwise, incorrect box’s size will be held by custom.
  5. Fill up the correct form. Air or EMS form (number 2 (document), number 4 (goods), number 6 (premium EMS)) is different from Surface form (number 3 (with insurance) and number 5 (normal)) as per picture below.
  6. You could track your parcel after delivery here.

REMINDER: Do seal your package neatly and just duct-tape it as much as you can. Mine was wrapped nicely and tightly but after 6 weeks, the box was kinda ‘well’ handled. Thankfully the items inside were still intact. Just seal  your boxes in Korea post office. They offer this service for FREE.

Me sending my parcel at Dong-Incheon post office.
A sample of the form via Korea Post for Surface or Air (no EMS tracking).
Prices listed are as of March 2017.


  • KeL

    Hi!!!! Thank you so much on all your info on South Korea! I really appreciate it because i'm gonna go there for holidays this december. Ur post on the 7 days budget is really useful. Tq so much 🙂

  • Aiman Yee

    Assalamualaikum Zarina. Saya nak contact Zarina regarding places to visit while im going there. Boleh ke? Before ni saya ada contact ke emel Zarina yang ada di blogpage tu tapi tak dapat reply dari Zarina. Emel saya aimanyee[at]gmail[dot]com.

  • BibiErr Karim

    Welcome back sis. We were in the same flight last 2months. Its on the 29th June, right. If that was ur last flight from Incheon though. Nak tegur but was a bit malu. Hihi. Wish u all the best in ur future endeavour.

  • Anonymous

    Zarina, sy mengikuti blog ini dari dulu..such a very informative blog..My family and i will have trip to korea from 27 sept to 7 oct 2013. Plan nak pergi jeju sekali and perlukan tourist guide..Zarina ada kat korea ke time tu..Boleh gunakan khidmat sis zarina tak? Nak pegi 3 H 2 mlm shj ke jeju..

  • Nicole Chong

    Hi, Zarina. I am from east malaysia and is currently handling a boutique. I will be to south korea in 2 weeks time to get some stocks for my boutique. But the main problem now is that I am not sure how I ship back my stocks. I called up several shipping companies, but they only deal with big amounts. Then I came across ur blog and wanted to seek ur advice.

  • SSHe

    Thank you for your detailed post! I’m in Korea for a couple of months and I’ve been shopping a lot so I’ve been getting stressed about how I’m going to get all my stuff home.

  • Yi Jian

    Hi May I know what kind of product cannot send from Korea to Malaysia?
    Can I send mask and cosmetics product?
    How about snack and instant noodles?

    • zarinajanikorea

      Hi Yi Jian,
      I sent all sorts of stuff back to Malaysia like food, cosmetics, fabric, books and many more. However, it is very important to ask the Korea post office employees for confirmation because some custom rules may change on certain products.

  • Karlyn

    Hello ^^ I’m just wondering, if she sends by Normal (Air), do you know about how long would it take to reach Singapore? Cause my parcel has been at Incheon airport since 2 days ago and I’m quite worried cause the status has not changed. T_T

  • yangyang

    Thanks for sharing the experience, may I ask if sending 20kg of the stuffs will easily kena tax in malaysia? thanks..

    • zarinajanikorea

      Hi YangYang,

      It depends on the stuff that you declare on the Korea Post form.
      For eg. I posted my clothes, makeup, books – they are all used stuff I posted by ship, reached Malaysia after 2 months – no tax charged by Malaysian custom and the parcel arrived at my house. I didn’t have to claim it at the custom whatsoever.

      However, I have purchased Korean fabric before about 20kg per box and sent them by air mail, reached Malaysia after 7 days and there were extra tax charged at Malaysian custom at KLIA airport and had to take it there after paying the tax.

      If you are worried about which items are taxable or not, better check with Malaysian custom first.
      Customs Call Center : 1 300 88 8500 (General Enquiries)
      Operation Hours:
      Mon – Fri (8.30 a.m – 10.00 p.m)
      Sat – Sun (8.30 a.m – 5.00 p.m)

    • zarinajanikorea

      Hi Eva,

      Untuk post barang, u boleh pergi ke mana2 Korea Post office atau EMS courier service
      Cara terbaik adalah tanya receptionist hotel, di mana yang paling dekat dengan hotel u.

  • ana

    When you ship gifts/souvenirs from Korea to other countries (to relatives, friends…), do you use your temporary Address in Korea (hotel, rented apartment…) as Return Address (the “From” address); or do you use your own address back in your home country?

  • Em

    Hi. Is it usual that the EMS tracking number is not showing in the website after a week? I ordered some kpop merch from a supplier. She gave me a tracking number but it is not working. Now I am worried if she is a fraud or something.

    • zarinajanikorea

      Hi Em,
      It is unusual. You should ask her which company she used to send the parcel. EMS number should be working according to the company’s.

  • Karen

    Hello! Thank you very much for the informative and detailed post about Korea Post. I actually got here because I was finding ways to send home some clothes and non-perishable goods without spending too much (buying baggage allowance for flights are too expensive) so I thought about doing this.
    Do you send parcels a day before you leave Korea?
    Thank you!

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